Advice for the Kitchen, Gym and Restaurants

Sometimes it's the little changes in life that really can have the biggest impact on your body, your state of mind and your health. Small adjustments, like keeping fresh fruits and vegetables where can you see them (and be reminded to eat them!) in your kitchen, can make all the difference in your day.

We've looked at three places you probably visit often—the kitchen, the gym and a restaurant—and developed helpful suggestions for how to make the most of your time spent in these spaces.

Keeping it real in the kitchen

If you can see it, you just might eat it
Try storing your vegetables and fruits on the counter. This will remind you what's on hand when it's time to snack or make a meal.

Still waters run deep
Drink water with your meals at home instead of soda, fruit punch, sweet tea or other sugar-sweetened drinks.

Better than white bread
Keep only whole-grain breads at home. You won't be tempted by white bread if it's not there.

Become a bean counter
Work dried beans into your menus. Our favorites? Pinto and black beans, and lentils.

Keeping it real at the gym

Don't forget a permission slip
Before launching into a new fitness program, check with your doctor to make sure it's okay to start exercising.

Be a tower of strength
Join a class or work with a trainer or instructor to learn how strength training—also called weight training—can help you.

Do your heart some good
Aerobic exercise—like walking or riding a stationary bike—is good for your heart and lungs. Start small with five to 10 minutes of activity.

Keeping it real at a restaurant

Drink responsibly and moderately
If your doctor says it's okay, an alcoholic drink with a meal is fine. But beware—alcohol adds lots of empty calories.

That's what friends are for
To make sure you don't overeat, offer to share an entrée with one of your dining partners.

Substitute freely and faithfully
You know the drill: Instead of fries, request steamed veggies. Swap out any side dishes that are high in fat.

Published August 2011

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