"You Have So Much to Look Forward to"

Trevor W. of Woonsocket, RI, wasn't enjoying life. Diagnosed with severe psoriasis at age 20, he had peeling, flaking spots on his scalp, elbows and legs. Not only that, he developed crippling psoriatic arthritis. "I could barely walk," says Trevor, who is a physical therapist at an orthopedic clinic. "My 80-year-old grandfather could walk better than me, and at the time I was 26."

Battling his emotions

At the same time, Trevor, now 32, was having a difficult time at work. Patients who saw him for physical therapy would often comment about his skin condition. "I was frustrated, depressed and not enjoying my life," says Trevor, who was on an anti-inflammatory drug for the pain and various topical foams and ointments for his skin problems. While none of the drugs worked very well, he wasn't ready to make changes.

Friends lend a helping hand

Then Trevor had a true wake-up call. "My buddy and his wife sat me down one night and said, 'You have so much to look forward to. You can't let a skin condition and arthritis get you down. You have to see a doctor and get a medication that will help you.'"

The next day Trevor saw a rheumatologist for the arthritis and was put on a biologic drug. Within a week, he was feeling better. "Now, I can jog and play sports without being in agony," says Trevor. He admits that he delayed treatment due to his own stubbornness. "Subconsciously I knew I needed to do something, but didn't want to accept that I had to do it."

Taking action

Now Trevor feels comfortable discussing treatments regularly with his dermatologist. "Keep fighting every day and don't ever give up," he urges. "There is always something out there that might work for you that didn't work for others." Today, Trevor, who recently became engaged, says his skin is doing much better with only a few spots "here and there." His arthritis symptoms have virtually disappeared. "I have gotten a grasp on controlling the psoriasis, but most importantly, I am enjoying my life again."

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Published August 2011

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