6 Gift Ideas for People with Psoriasis

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one with psoriasis? Here are six gift ideas to get you started. But before you buy anything we’ve suggested, take into account the taste and personal interests of the recipient. Also, be sure your choice seems supportive and thoughtful, without coming across like you’re second-guessing what is already being done to manage the condition. 

1. Moisturizers

People with psoriasis have to apply moisturizer all day long. Stick with something thick, says Catie Coman, a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation in Portland, OR. If you’re concerned your loved one’s skin might be sensitive, steer clear of those that are heavily scented, she adds.

2. Dead Sea Bath Salts

Many people with psoriasis have found relief from irritation by using bath salts from the Dead Sea, says Madelyn Petrow-Cohen, a licensed clinical social worker and therapist in New York and New Jersey who also has moderate psoriasis. “It says, ‘I want to give you something that will help you with psoriasis' while also promoting relaxation.”

3. Massages and Facials

Who doesn’t like a gift of pampering? Someone with psoriasis will likely appreciate any stress-relieving gift, such as a massage or facial, says Julie Nelligan, a clinical psychologist specializing in health psychology in Portland, OR. Before buying a gift certificate, talk to the massage or facial therapist to make sure they have experience with this condition. 

4. Clothing or Accessories

Many people with psoriasis are self-conscious about outbreaks but still want to look good. Their clothes need to breathe and feel comfortable on their skin. Your best bet? Buy long-sleeved shirts, scarves or attractive gloves made of soft cotton or other organic materials, says Coman. 

5. Professional Organization Membership

Show your support by introducing your loved one to a group, such as the National Psoriasis Foundation, which is dedicated to helping people with psoriasis.

6. Motivational Book

It’s never a bad idea to promote a positive outlook, says Petrow-Cohen. That’s why she suggests getting a motivational book to lift your loved one’s spirits and let one “escape” from the disease for a bit. It can help them foster the attitude of living life to the fullest. “Positivity,” says Petrow-Cohen, “makes a difference.”

Published August 2011

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