Simple Ways to Better Your Life

Pat, don’t rub…

…when you’re toweling off after a shower. Rubbing can make flakiness worse, while patting gently is kinder to skin. Lock in hydration by applying a body lotion that contains an emollient like shea butter and glycerin.

Make the most of the time with your doctor

Take a minute to fill out the worksheets located on our tools page. Giving your doctor specific details about your psoriasis (how it’s gotten better or worse in recent weeks, how much it’s affected your daily life, etc.) can help him or her make the best treatment decisions, while making notes for yourself will help you prioritize (and remember!) everything you want to discuss.

Think this, not that

If the idea of giving yourself a shot, or going to the doctor for a psoriasis infusion treatment makes you cringe, try pinpointing your underlying fear. It might be “This will hurt.” Then write it down, cross it out and write: “This shot will make my life better.” Focusing on the positive can help lift anxiety.

Guarantee you get the coverage you’re due

It pays (literally!) to get your health-related paperwork organized: A recent survey by the National Psoriasis Foundation showed that one-third of people with psoriasis miss out on treatment due to health insurance issues. To avoid having it happen to you, design a system that works for your needs—whether by keeping all psoriasis paperwork in one drawer or filing electronic claims in a special folder on your desktop. That way, if an insurance problem arises, you’ll be able to access the necessary paperwork pronto.

Get your happy fix

According to a new field of study called psychodermatology, our mood can affect our skin. So by devoting time to the things you enjoy most—your family, your friends, your killer tennis serve, say—you’ll give your spirits a lift and your skin a leg up!

Ditch hairstylist dread

If you have scalp psoriasis and hate going to a new hairdresser, keep this in mind: Professional stylists learn about psoriasis during their training, and won’t be taken aback. If it makes you feel better, say something like: “You’re probably wondering about the red patches on my scalp. It’s psoriasis, so you don’t have to worry—it’s not contagious.” Getting it out in the open will make you both relax.

Published August 2011

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