Let Summer Soothe Your Psoriasis

Here, a few tips to make the most of your under-the-sun fun while helping your skin reap the best benefits!

Soak in some saltwater

A dip in the ocean (or any salty body of water) can be a wonderful natural treatment for psoriasis symptoms. Sea salt can help slough off dead skin cells and soften thick scales.

Keep your sunning safe

Exposing patchy skin to the sun (without sunscreen) can provide some relief, but you don’t want to overdo it: Sunburn can worsen psoriasis, while natural sunlight can interact with certain treatments. So talk to your dermatologist about what’s safe for you. And ask if she can recommend a good sunblock—you’ll need it to shield unaffected areas from UV rays. Note: Build up unprotected sun exposure in five-minute increments until you reach the limit recommended by your dermatologist.

Wear the right footwear

Skip the synthetics and opt for sandals made of leather—they’re better at absorbing perspiration that can aggravate psoriasis.

Slip on pale, loose layers

Wearing garments that don’t put pressure on the skin will help you feel more comfortable. And choosing pale colors will make flaking skin less noticeable.

Curb chlorine contact

Chlorine can aggravate psoriasis, so keep dips short, rinse off with fresh water right afterward, then apply moisturizer. Have open sores? Skip pools until they heal.

Make bugs bug off

You’ll want to minimize your chance of a bug bite since a plaque can form at the site. So cover limbs in lightweight fabrics, and opt for insect repellents that contain less than 5% DEET—just a little provides ample protection. Note: Don’t apply insect repellents to open sores.

Published August 2011

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