Topical Treatments

Just found out you have psoriasis? Or simply dealing with a mild problem? Then it’s likely your dermatologist will start you on a topical treatment (applied to the skin), such as a medicated lotion, ointment, cream, gel or shampoo. You can buy some over the counter, but most require a prescription. Tip: Start small: If your doctor prescribes a topical treatment you haven’t tried before, apply it to only a small patch of skin for the first few days—that way you can test its effectiveness and your response.

Medication How they work
What you should know
(Anti-inflammatory agent)
Suppress the immune system, reducing itching and inflammation; slow turnover of skin cells. Long-term use can cause thinning of skin and resistance to benefits.
Calcipotriene (multiple brands) and calcitriol (Vectical) (vitamin D and derivatives) Slow the growth of skin cells. Can cause mild stinging or burning.
(Synthetic vitamin A)
Normalize DNA activity in the cells. Can be irritating to skin; increase sensitivity to the sun.
Coal tar
(Thick liquid obtained from the distillation of coal)
Help slow the rapid growth of skin cells; reduce scaling, itching and inflammation. Has a strong odor; can stain skin and clothing.
(Synthetic chrysarobin, from araroba tree bark)
Thought to normalize DNA activity in skin cells; reduces rapid buildup of skin cells. Can be irritating to skin; can stain skin and clothing.
Published August 2011

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