What Your Dermatologist Needs to Know

What my dermatologist needs to know

Want to make the most of your doctor visit?
Download our printable worksheet, fill it out and
bring it to your next dermatologist appointment to
help find the best treatment plan for you.

You usually only get 10 or 15 minutes with your doctor. So that's why it's crucial that you be prepared for your visit. Bringing this worksheet to your visit will help you ensure that you don't forget to tell your doctor anything that's going on with your psoriasis.

So mark the areas that you have psoriasis, the treatments you've tried and their success rates and answer the rest of the questions. The more you fill out this sheet, the better you'll maximize your appointment.




Published August 2011


Causes & Risk Factors
Your Healthcare Team
Questions to Ask
    Your Doctor

Quiz: How Severe
    is Your Psoriasis?

Never Tried a Biologic?
What Your Dermatologist
    Needs to Know

Topical Treatments
Phototherapy Treatments

Body-Wide Medications
When Your Treatment is Denied
    by Your Insurance Company

Look Your Best With Psoriasis!
Feel Your Best With Psoriasis
Your Answer to Smoother, Clearer Skin—Found!
Take Charge of Your Psoriasis and Protect
    Your Whole Body!

Try These Simple Skin-Care Tips
Quiz: Test Your Psoriasis Smarts
Simple Ways to Better Your Life
Ask the Experts: Dating Tips and More
Let Summer Soothe Your Psoriasis
Lifestyle Adjustments to Help Ease Psoriasis

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